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Zend Framework 2.4.0 Released!

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The Zend Framework community is pleased to announce the immediate availability of:

  • Zend Framework 2.4.0

This is the fourth feature release in the ZF2 series, and marks our first Long Term Support release. It provides support for PHP versions 5.3 through the current nightly PHP 7 builds, and will be supported with security fixes for the next 3 years.

Announcing the Zend Framework 3 Roadmap

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The most often-asked questions we get around the Zend Framework project include: Where is Zend Framework heading? When will Zend Framework 3 be released? What changes and enhancements should we expect?

Since inception, our goal for Zend Framework has been to further the art of PHP and ensure our users concentrate on the business logic of their application rather than wasting time reinventing the plumbing. The plumbing is Zend Framework’s job. We have continued to evolve ZF with best-in-class web development practices, and have innovated in areas where we saw gaps; as an example, we observed developers struggling with API development, which led us to create the Apigility project on top of ZF2.

We have built an incredibly powerful framework with Zend Framework 2 that met its key goals of flexibility, consistency and testability. However, the world has changed since ZF2 was released, and the project needs to move with the times. With that in mind, we have gathered feedback from our users and core contributors to map the path forward.