ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-9136 Resource Mail custom transport loading
ZF-9239 require_once() is missing in Zend_Cache_Manager
ZF-9021 Incorrect HTML tags in migrating to 1.10 page
ZF-9181 Wrong condition in Zend_Currency constructor makes the whole component unusable
ZF-9041 Spelling and grammatical errors in Zend_Currency Introduction
ZF-8944 fetchRow() ignores limit offset
ZF-6161 setDefaultMetadataCache throw exception after restart the memcached
ZF-3709 Inconsistent behaviour in Zend_Db_Table and supporting classes
ZF-9244 Warnings emitted from DOMDocument should be suppressed.
ZF-9243 DOM errors are caught by PHPUnit when using ControllerTestCase
ZF-9159 Zend_File_Transfer_Http::setOptions() fails to modify $_options if Zend_File_Transfer::_getFiles() returns an empty array
ZF-9132 Option 'detectInfos' can not be changed
ZF-9204 Filter Word_CamelCaseToSeparator pattern
ZF-9202 "does not have a valid MatchPattern set." error in Zend_Filter_PregReplace
ZF-9160 Zend_Filter_LocalizedToNormalized adds decimal separator though precision is zero
ZF-8995 implement Zend_Config in Zend_Filter_HtmlEntities
ZF-8216 Class Name with Number in it is not inflected correctly
ZF-9228 Typo in Zend_Form_Decorator_Abstract
ZF-7350 Make Zend_Loader_PluginLoader to prefix agnostic (namespaces)
ZF-4697 Bug in PluginLoader breaks two Zend_View UnitTests
ZF-9220 list+url
ZF-4151 Iterator with zero items throws OutOfBoundsException
ZF-7251 Add 'Merchant Name' to Offer details
ZF-9114 Error in code example
ZF-9207 Reviewed translation of Zend_Translate-Additional
ZF-9155 Translation key is not correct in files with standard validators translations
ZF-9123 Add useId option for TMX
ZF-9106 Reviewed translation Zend_Translate-SourceCreation
ZF-9105 Reviewed translation Zend_Translate-Using
ZF-9104 Reviewed translation Zend_Translate-Adapters
ZF-9103 Reviewed translation Zend_Translate-Introduction
ZF-9233 Zend_Filter & Zend_Validate tests not passing due to Zend_Loader changed behavior
ZF-9212 Zend_Validate_PostCode error message problem
ZF-9209 Missing placeholder %max% in resource/languages/pt_BR/Zend_Validate.php
ZF-9201 Zend_Validate_EmailAddress: 'mx' option is ignored
ZF-9183 Zend_Validate_Hostname doesn't handle IDN for .EU
ZF-9178 Translation of Zend_Validate messages to russian language
ZF-9032 Zend_Validate_Digits error text grammar can be improved
ZF-8974 Add a description for Zend_Validate_Hex
ZF-9004 Zend_Validate_File_isImage doesn't allow all image mime types
ZF-7712 Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Double rounds to 6 decimal digits
ZF-9187 Add explanatory note as to why _Abstract, _Interface classnames are no longer valid