ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-9799 Zend_Amf_Response_Http send strange http headers
ZF-8150 If frontController resource not present in application.ini bootstrap initialize exists class with resource name
ZF-7696 Bug: 'include(FrontController.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory' error message
ZF-9259 Conflict with name class of pluginResource, Zend_Application_Bootstrap_BootstrapAbstract
ZF-9131 Exception thrown when Zend_Application_Resource_Multidb used with pdo_pgsql adapter
ZF-7024 Create Zend_Application_Ressource_Cache to configure Zend_Cache instances
ZF-9614 Images of the manual not are loaded
ZF-9848 Use class constant instead of string
ZF-9188 Failures in Zend_Cache_Manager
ZF-8222 isDispatchable does not formatClassName for class_exists - neccessary for when prefixDefaultModule is true
ZF-9432 Zend_Crypt_DiffieHellman throws exception when trying to generate keys without first setting private key
ZF-8846 Incomplete Public Key assumption for PEM in Rsa.php
ZF-9783 Zend_Date::_getLocalizedToken incorrectly translates time format into date format
ZF-9836 Zend_Db_Table_Row_Abstract objects should be iterable/traversable
ZF-9837 Broken link in Zend_Dojo manual
ZF-9765 Zend_Dom_Query CSS selector doesn't match on multiple attribute selectors
ZF-9764 Wrong conversion of certain CSS ID Selectors to Xpath queries
ZF-9723 Zend_Feed_Reader::detectType, Notice: Undefined variable: doc [...] on line 430
ZF-9141 ZFReader getDescription() decodes html entities with wrong character set
ZF-8788 Reader fails to return original URI for getFeedLink() if the feed doesn't contain a self-referencing URI
ZF-8702 getDateModified() returns incorrect date if RSS feed has near-standard date formatting (see ZF7908)
ZF-9596 There isn't any way to set the channel's image of a feed created with Zend_Feed_Writer
ZF-9595 lastBuildDate is missing from an RSS feed created with Zend_Feed_Writer
ZF-9566 Zend_Feed_Writer_Renderer_Entry_Atom: a (utf-8) non breaking space makes atom feed creation fail
ZF-9161 incorrect method names/descriptions for Zend_Feed_Writer_Feed_FeedAbstract
ZF-8892 Entry Enclosure 'length' and 'type' not required (for atom)
ZF-9833 Zend_Filter_StripTags is not downwardly compatible
ZF-9828 Zend_Filter_StripTags $attributeValue quoted by single quotes won't be matched
ZF-8957 Add a description for Zend_Filter_Alnum
ZF-9820 Incorrect label for form element in Zend_Form example
ZF-9788 introduction of array_merge_recursive in ZF-9350 reindexes numeric arrays
ZF-9770 redundant class name information within error messages
ZF-9712 Zend_Form_Decorator_Captcha_Word : captchaOptions attribute is not removed in the render() method
ZF-9682 Zend_Form_Element_Radio added with Zend_Form with added prefix paths does not load correct Label decorator (unit test + patch provided)
ZF-5385 Zend_Form_Decorators_FormErrors Doesnt Handle Manually Added Errors Properly
ZF-2989 DtDdWrapper is not xhtml valid
ZF-9868 skip upload tests if uploads are disabled
ZF-9857 HEAD method missing from Zend_http_client_adapter_curl
ZF-9517 Zend_Json_Server should allow named parameters in any order
ZF-9564 Can't update attribute that is used as rdn ...
ZF-9795 Zend_Locale::isLocale() is called often, deserves local cache
ZF-9831 Apparent difference b/w documentation for add() and sub() and actual behavior
ZF-9578 Using deprecated function "split()"
ZF-9510 Zend Oauth Client prepareOauth() do not take into account post parameters
ZF-9410 Make Zend_OAuth Http Client support streams
ZF-8731 Zend_Paginator bug with caching
ZF-8019 Zend_Paginator get Cache ID Error
ZF-7379 Problem with Zend_Paginator Cache.
ZF-9760 EBS deleteVolume() API will always fail due to a typo in the parameter name
ZF-9644 Not all instances are returned by describe()
ZF-9074 Add method to get key for translation
ZF-2736 Add rerouting for translations
ZF-9813 Italian translation for Zend_Validate messages
ZF-8972 Add a description for Zend_Validate_Float
ZF-8970 Add a description for Zend_Validate_Date
ZF-8906 Create Zend_Validate_Equal or Add Strict Option to Zend_Validate_Identical
ZF-6718 Title attach order
ZF-9717 Performance - Erweitern von Zend_View um oft verwendet Helfermethoden anzubieten - Leerzeichen-Typo
ZF-9713 nows is misspelled Zend_Test_PHPUnit_Db page. Should be "knows"
ZF-7715 Unable to render embedded object: File (ZF_SVN.png) not found.