ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-11776 ZF-9799 undoes ZF-5890 and breaks AMF for Internet Explorer 5 - 8
ZF-11640 SQLite backend fails using ":memory:" database
ZF-11633 Zend_Cache_Backend_File default umask for files
ZF-11406 ContextSwitch doc states incorrect XML content-type header
ZF-3472 Zend_Controller_Request_Abstract::setParams is not unsetting pre-existing values
ZF-11688 Zend_Db BC break - constants removed
ZF-11554 Zend_Feed_Writer_Extension_RendererAbstract has the wrong @package
ZF-11267 Custom error message from Zend_Validate_NotEmpty not considered when using it along with Zend_Filter_Input
ZF-11729 addDisplayGroup doesnt remove elements from Form for certain element names
ZF-11715 Zend_Form_Element uses create_function() where a real function would suffice.
ZF-11654 'Standard form elements' page missing from manual
ZF-3821 Zend_InfoCard does not interpret namespace prefixes from the XML token
ZF-10185 Zend_Json::prettyPrint modifies string values containing JSON array/object notation
ZF-9577 Zend_Json::prettyPrint edited for browser/html output
ZF-11490 Zend Json Server error response with result
ZF-10465 Add option 'encodeUrl' to Zend_Page_MVC config
ZF-10146 Zend_Navigation_Page xml option "visible" only works with integers not booleans
ZF-9815 Zend_Navigation_Container::addPages() should accept a Zend_Navigation_Container
ZF-9746 Attribs for Zend_Navigation
ZF-8922 Adding an Anchor property to Zend_Navigation_Page_Mvc
ZF-11663 Zend_Oauth_Client ignores GET parameters that are set via setParameterGet
ZF-4358 Zend_OpenId::normalize() removes URL Fragment
ZF-8373 Zend_Reflection_Docblock_Tag_Return and _Param do not recognize arrays
ZF-10610 Zend_Service_Amazon_Sqs is not using the region to create queues
ZF-11516 Implement "disable layout" command in Zend_Tool
ZF-8305 Zend_Tool create controller in nonexistent module dies on fatal error
ZF-11112 Zend_Translate_Adapter emits notice when 'content' option is not provided to addTranslation()
ZF-11712 Brazilian Portuguese: Merge from trunk to release
ZF-9190 Error in Docbook transformation for 'imageobject'