ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-12149 Incorrect @param in phpDoc to function addRole()
ZF-11783 Zend_Amf_Response_Http emits notice when $_SERVER['HTTPS'] not defined
ZF-6130 Strongly typed objects when sent either from client side or server side do not work till we specify a classMapping
ZF-11998 API Documentation for Application/Resource/Log.php incorrect description
ZF-12038 Zend_Auth_Adapter_Ldap shows passwords with more than 15 characters in stacktrace
ZF-11839 Security concern with Zend_Auth_Adapter_Ldap
ZF-12005 getFillingPercentage miscalculation with the WinCache backend
ZF-11988 Zend_Cache::_makeBackend and Zend_Cache::_makeFrontend throw exceptions if custom backend class name is namespaced
ZF-11522 Allow changing label on Zend_Captcha_Dumb
ZF-11114 Zend_Cloud_StorageService_Adapter_S3 method copyItem not implemented
ZF-11847 Zend_CodeGenerator_Php_File typo causes file not found
ZF-11826 Usage examples for Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_Json in manual are incorrect
ZF-12049 Zend_Db_Statement_Db2 _bindParam function uses the wrong variable name that's passed to db2_bind_param
ZF-11923 Zend_Db_Adapter::fetchRow is returning a BOOLEAN false on empty query
ZF-3309 joinUsing() produces unusable SQL with array table definitions
ZF-11822 there is a wrong example in the online documentation
ZF-1103 Cascading delete functionality is not recursive
ZF-12164 Wrong parameter order for Zend_Feed_Reader::addPrefixPath() in Docs
ZF-12156 there is a "f" before <?php at the very beginning of Zend/Feed/Writer/Deleted.php
ZF-12135 Typo in Zend/Feed/Writer/Deleted.php
ZF-12070 Zend_Feed_Writer does not accept UNIX timestamps which are not 10 digits
ZF-12023 Zend_Feed_Writer_Feed does not accept UNIX timestamps which are not 10 digits
ZF-11610 ctype_digit in Zend Framework
ZF-12064 zend.file.transfer.validators Example #4 code wrong
ZF-11970 Zend_File_Transfer online manual has a incorrect example.
ZF-11819 Zend_Filter_Input raises PHP Notice when validator metacommand value is empty array
ZF-12206 Zend_Form_Label_Decorator: Missing option in docblock
ZF-12161 Allow setting custom prefix path for CAPTCHA adapters in Zend_Form_Element_Captcha
ZF-11831 Form's default translator incorrectly passed to subforms, causing override of subform elements' default translators
ZF-11655 Zend_View_Helper_FormElement::getTranslator() has wrong return type documented
ZF-11402 Zend_Form_Element_MultiCheckbox does not accept empty array even when AllowEmpty flag is set
ZF-11152 Zend_Form_Element_File::getFileName() returns array if empty
ZF-8822 Fieldset decorator has to ignore accept-charset attrib of mother <form>
ZF-12033 PHP close tag (?>) in Zend_Gdata_Gapps_Extension_Property class
ZF-11948 Zend_Gdata_YouTube should use HTTPS for all requests
ZF-11919 Zend_Gdata_Calendar Creating Recurring Events example missing '
ZF-11896 Unused variable $stream in Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Socket
ZF-11857 Opera 9.7 UA for HTC HD2 browser causes E_NOTICE
ZF-11815 Zend_Http_UserAgent raises E_NOTICE when parsing AppleCoreMedia UA
ZF-11749 Zend_Http_UserAgent_AbstractDevice raises a notice on Safari Mobile v5.1 UA with no language
ZF-11693 Zend_Http_UserAgent_AbstractDevice raises a notice on "Mozilla/3.0 (compatible)" user agent
ZF-10972 Wrong persistence directory setting
ZF-11946 Zend_Ldap_Collection::toArray throws exception instead of returning array
ZF-12103 Use of uninitialized variable in Zend_Locale_Data:getList
ZF-11837 Zend_Locale_Format::checkDateFormat() generates E_NOTICE when locale option key not specified
ZF-12125 Support PHP 5.3 namespaces in custom Zend_Log writers
ZF-3745 If Zend_Mail_Part is extended it should return an instance of the new class
ZF-11739 Typo in zend.markup.renderers.html
ZF-12114 Zend_Navigation_Page_Mvc::getHref double return value
ZF-12022 Typo in example of zend.navigation.containers.html, "Example #4 Removing pages from a container", Line 21
ZF-8441 Wrong count of records when using DISTINCT in paginator's select object
ZF-11943 Zend_Pdf_Resource_Font_CidFont emits warning when attempting to count width of nonexistent glyph
ZF-12071 "test_set_getLogger" testcase should be removed from QueueTest
ZF-11799 Zend_Service_Amazon_S3::putFileStream() has an undefined variable.
ZF-11965 Links to AWS Documentation is broken
ZF-11938 Incorrect wording in online manual
ZF-3869 Document how to test forms which use Zend_Form_Element_Hash
ZF-12186 Zend_Text_MultiByte::strPad() Warning on Input Longer Than Pad Length
ZF-11767 zf create db-table.from-database disallow to use force-overwrite without module name
ZF-12024 Spelling mistake in the word July when translated to Welsh
ZF-12012 Make the TMX parser output the filename when throwing an exception
ZF-11945 New top level domain '.xxx' validation
ZF-11900 Zend_Validate_Hostname::ALLOW_ALL does not match documentation
ZF-11884 Slovak translation of Zend_Validate messages
ZF-11840 Syntax error in German and French manual pages for Zend_Validate_Date
ZF-11796 Missing IDN validation for .si domain
ZF-11239 Zend_Validate_EmailAddress should instantiate Zend_Validate_Hostname or completely ignore when not set
ZF-12174 Wrong type Zend_Currency for $currency parameter in Currency viewhelper
ZF-12085 Missing example for RDFa doctype in german docs
ZF-11894 Zend_View_Exception should be in Zend_View package not in Zend_Date package(docblock issue)
ZF-11835 Conditional comments functionality missing from Zend_View_Helper_HeadMeta
ZF-11800 </form> always included with form helper
ZF-6624 CLONE -Improvement for Zend_View -> Make hidden field optional
ZF-6061 Zend_View_Helper_FormSubmit with viewscript decorator produces invalid (x)html code
ZF-12175 Decorator_UiWidgetContainer does not render content passed from previous decorator
ZF-11048 View helper binds onload scripts to jQuery's ready event
ZF-11920 Mistake in German Translation Quickstart Manual
ZF-11787 Typo in Zend_Service_Amazon_S3