ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-7058 Zend_Application Locale Resource - set cache via config
ZF-10254 jQuery does not show up if jQuery UI is disabled
ZF-11002 Omitted attributes get retrieved then forgotten
ZF-11106 Harcoded white space with value of '1' instead of 'barThinWidth'
ZF-11080 Semantical Problem on case-insensitive filesystems
ZF-11019 [Zend_Cache_Backend_Static] Caching URIs with "0" as the file name
ZF-10711 WinCache backend for Zend_Cache
ZF-10563 WinCache Support
ZF-11092 Copy/paste error in Zend_Cloud_DocumentService_Adapter_SimpleDb
ZF-7368 Chain route fails to match with an optional route at the end
ZF-6802 Dojo TextArea Type Attribute
ZF-11095 Two tests are unreachable in Zend_Form_ElementTest
ZF-11035 adding a class to the DT element on default form decorators
ZF-9710 When having subforms FormErrors produce bad html markup.
ZF-7074 Remove python-isms from Zend_Gdata_YouTubeOnlineTest
ZF-11058 Documentation of return type "class instance"
ZF-11096 Wrong sample for Zend_Log::factory()
ZF-10990 Zend_Log::factory() doesn't support options like timestampFormat
ZF-9821 _formatAddress only quotes names containing '@' or ','
ZF-1491 Impossible to get decoded Mime_Part after Zend_Mime_Message::createFromMessage
ZF-11082 Missing Comma, 'Example #6 Iterating a container' not working
ZF-11087 Zend/Paginator tests flawed with oci8 turn off
ZF-10947 Zend_Paginator_Adapter_DbSelect->getCountSelect() - the count query produced by this method fails if the original Zend_Db_Select contains "order by" (and using Zend_Db_Adapter_Sqlsrv)
ZF-10820 PDF's created with Zend_Pdf::save($file, true) won't open in Adobe Reader
ZF-10299 S3 Stream wrapper incorrectly reads data due to incorrect Range headers
ZF-11085 Test Zend/Service/Amazon present Fatal error
ZF-11090 Typo in 'Example #5 and Example #6' Zend_Service_ReCaptcha
ZF-11061 ext/mcrypt is only required by Zend_Service_ReCaptcha_MailHide
ZF-11023 Zend_Service_Twitter constructor could not use Zend_Config
ZF-11130 Default Zend_Tool generated ErrorController view script should escape request variables when in development mode
ZF-11068 ErrorController created by tries to call getParams() on non-object
ZF-11053 Updated PHPUnit assets to be more usable out-of-the-box
ZF-10428 Default ErrorController should log request parameters
ZF-7112 Controller tests for modules won't be stored to module tests
ZF-11013 headTitle helper
ZF-11122 Update all docblocks to use consistent copyright/license header. Version: 2011
ZF-8421 syntax error in extras/tests/ZendX/Db/TestSetup.php