ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-6139 Zend_Cache_Frontend_Page: config option "debug_header" breaks "memorize_headers"
ZF-6137 A set of "Unexpected exception when writing to named namespaces after unlocking them." failures
ZF-6136 Large set of "Zend_Session_Exception: Zend_Session is currently marked as read-only." errors
ZF-6135 Set of "Undefined variable: majorProtocolVersion" errors
ZF-6129 Multiple Services exposed on the same endpoint throws error on invocation if one of the services is invalid
ZF-6127 Fix bug in YouTubeVideoApp where a call was issued to an outdated feed.
ZF-6122 Eliminate duplicated code in FeedEntry ctor
ZF-6121 Fix namespace propagation in App.php
ZF-6081 Zend_Config_Xml and Zend_Config_Ini not merged into trunk after Zend_Config_Writer development
ZF-6056 Issues marked as resolved/fixed not merged into the releases they are reported as fixed in
ZF-6042 Provide data model classes and helper methods to support messaging in Zend_Gdata_YouTube
ZF-6034 Giving wrong methodSignature, return type does not match
ZF-5963 Cookie with "invalid" expiration timestamp interpreted as expired cookie
ZF-5828 Merging ZF-5388 to release branch
ZF-5816 Wrongly capitalized class name in Zend_Amf_Request initialize method
ZF-5797 Online Programmer's Reference Guide has a javascript error.
ZF-5733 Add setLifeTime into the cache class
ZF-5592 CLONE -Zend_Amf does not properly serialize Zend_Amf_Value_ByteArray instances
ZF-5346 AMF3 Messages with Object as first param fails with badVersion