This is the 1.8.2 release of Zend Framework, the second maintenance release in the 1.8 series. It features primarily improvements to Zend_Db, as well as a number of fixes to allow autoloading of user-defined extensions (instead of requiring developers to load classes manually or rely on Zend_Loader::loadClass()). In all, more than 50 issues were closed for the release.


ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-6800 testExceptionClassMap(Zend_Amf_TypeloaderTest)
ZF-6799 testAmf0TypedObjecDeserializedToNativePHPObjectException(Zend_Amf_RequestTest)
ZF-6601 Unable to send ArrayCollection as input argument from flex
ZF-5391 Flash Media Server 3 - Zend Amf
ZF-6609 testInitializationShouldSkipModulesWithoutBootstraps(Zend_Application_Resource_ModulesTest) and testShouldReturnExecutedBootstrapsWhenComplete(Zend_Application_Resource_ModulesTest)
ZF-6608 Problem if /tmp Dir not readable
ZF-6770 Move the Table, Row, & Rowset files for Zend_Db_Table unit tests into the _files directory
ZF-6762 wrong order in PHPDoc of _quoteIdentifierAs()
ZF-6662 misspelling in Zend_Db_Adapter_Abstract: Zend_Db_Statment instead of Zend_Db_Statement
ZF-1816 PostgreSQL: Incorrect sequence name quoting
ZF-5342 Mysqli::__connect() forget to reset internal mysqli _connection object when connection failed
ZF-3984 connection control not sufficient in case of "Too many open links".
ZF-2925 Problem using join in Zend_Db_Table
ZF-5970 Optimize Zend_Db_Table::find();
ZF-4167 Zend_Db_Table_Row_Abstract does not properly rely on autoloading
ZF-3991 Add possibility to change loader class
ZF-6780 Zend_Filter_Input doesn't collect validation messages for different values in the specified field
ZF-6765 Zend_Filter_Input::_validateRule() iterates through provided fields when it's not necessary
ZF-6761 Zend_Filter_Input does nothing if field is required and default values are provided for other fields but not for this field.
ZF-6711 Zend_Filter_Input skips ALLOW_EMPTY metacommand processing if rule refers several fields.
ZF-6710 Describe an ability to provide messages array for all specified validator
ZF-6709 Zend_Filter_Input doesn't process messages -> validators mapping correctly
ZF-6708 Zend_Filter_Input skips ALLOW_EMPTY metacommand processing if any validator is applied to the field
ZF-1912 Message concurrency between options notEmptyMessage and Zend_Validate_Alpha::STRING_EMPTY
ZF-6714 Zend_Decorator not exists.
ZF-6786 When encoding an non-associative array with a Zend_Json_Expr the result is the magic key: ____0
ZF-6607 Problem with Zend_Soap_Wsdl class loading
ZF-3151 The ZF is not able to use user-defined autoloaders for user-defined classes
ZF-2533 Zend internally doesn't use user-defined class loader
ZF-6668 Zend_Locale_Data fails creating cache when tmp directory is not writeable
ZF-6619 Invalid @return value for getLanguage()
ZF-6639 Typo in file arrray (should be array)
ZF-6730 Zend_Service_Amazon_Abstract unit test missing
ZF-6669 Amazon S3 Stream Wrapper - Upload & Uri
ZF-6648 Amazon S3 StreamWrapper - is_dir Funktion
ZF-6477 Zend_Service_Amazon_S3 : Does not work for buckets located in EU
ZF-6643 Signature version should be upgraded ASAP
ZF-6483 Zend_Service_Amazon_Ec2 describe() won't work for european instances
ZF-6072 $_singleInstances are not cleaned up with namespaceUnset()
ZF-2060 missing method Zend_Session::getOption / getOptions
ZF-6981 Tabcontainer doesn't render correctly with jQuery-UI 1.7.X
ZF-6417 Zend_Db_Table createRow() call Zend_Loader::loadClass unconditionally
ZF-6016 Zend_* ignoring my Zend_Loader::registerAutoload()