ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-7467 Zend_Acl addResource() and addRole() should accept strings when configuring
ZF-5425 Assertion implementation does not receive ACL query parameters.
ZF-4460 Resource objects passed in to ACL query methods are not passed through to registered assert()'s
ZF-3390 Inheritage of roles: rules are checked by parent roles
ZF-1722 Zend_Acl assertions broken when inheritance is required (ie DepthFirstSearch)
ZF-1721 Zend_Acl::isAllowed does not support Role/Resource Inheritance down to Assertions
ZF-1167 consistency: addRole() adds a role, but there is not addResource()
ZF-7224 loader warnings when using class resource for a specific module
ZF-6672 autoloading issue in Zend_Application_Bootstrap_BootstrapAbstract::getPluginResource
ZF-6658 autoloading issue with the fallback autoloader
ZF-6813 setIdentity, setCredentials methods
ZF-7349 Zend_Reflection_File does not reflect interfaces. Zend_CodeGenerator cannot generate interfaces.
ZF-7482 Zend_Feed_Reader::import fails when using HTTP Conditional gets and cache
ZF-7452 Zend_Filter_NormalizedToLocalized
ZF-7451 Zend_Filter_LocalizedToNormalized
ZF-7545 Missing prefix and type parameters in the PHPdoc of the addPrefixPath method in Zend_Form_Element
ZF-7555 testIsExpired(Zend_Http_CookieTest) unit tests failure
ZF-7473 It seems that when Zend_Loader_Autoloader_Resource registers it self with Zend_Loader_Autoloader it doesn't add the "_" at the end.
ZF-7500 Zend_Locale::setDefault throws Exception with broken string
ZF-7413 strpos() operations on objects cause segfaults
ZF-7291 Zend_Mail uses doublequotes in header charset which troubles several email clients
ZF-7602 Patch to add IteratorAggregate like behaviour to Zend_Paginator
ZF-7528 Line endings in Zend/Pdf
ZF-7479 Unable to load pdf files generated by htmldoc
ZF-6924 replace Zend_Pdf_StringParser::skipWhiteSpace() method with strspn()
ZF-6923 Zend_Pdf performance improvements
ZF-7529 Line endings in Zend/Queue
ZF-7532 Line endings in Zend/Tool
ZF-7521 The Zend Tool zf.php script uses $_ENV instead of getenv(), in recent releases of php, the $_ENV superglobal is not populated in the recommended php.ini file
ZF-7515 fail to set STORAGE_DIR to $HOME/.zf/
ZF-7465 zf create controller fails on Windows with ZF 1.9
ZF-7464 zf.bat on Windows throws Undefined index: STORAGE_DIR Notice
ZF-7438 A few typos prevent zf.php from using the ZEND_TOOL_INCLUDE_PATH_PREPEND environment variable
ZF-7494 Bad plural rule for 'cs,sk' locale, patch included
ZF-7460 Zend_Translate, Plural - not return the correct index in the Russian language
ZF-7513 Wrong error message for certain validators
ZF-7475 Error with matching types of values
ZF-7533 Line endings in Zend/View
ZF-5748 Zend_View render() allows parent directory notation, opening potential LFI exploit