2.0.0rc4 (This is the fourth release candidate for 2.0.0. We will be releasing RCs on a weekly basis until we feel all critical issues are addressed. At this time, we anticipate few API changes before the stable release, and recommend testing your production applications against it.)

ID Title (GitHub Link)
#Zend\Db - RowGateway delete() now works; RowGateway objects now no longer duplicates the content internally leading to a larger than necessary memory footprint. - Adapter for PDO: fixed such that all calls to rowCount() will always be an integer; also fixed disconnect() from unsetting property - Zend\Validator\Db: fixed such that TableIdentifier can be used to promote schema.table identifiers - Sql\Select: added reset() API to reset parts of a Select object, also includes updated constants to refer to the parts by - Sql\Select and others: Added subselect support in Select, In Expression and the processExpression() abstraction f
# end\Filter - StringTrim filter now properly handles unicode whi
#Zend\Form - FieldsetInterface now defines the methods allowObjectBinding() and allowValueBinding(). - New interface, FieldsetPrepareAwareInterface. Collection and Fieldset both implement this. - See https // for details - Select elements now handle options and
# end\Http - SSL options are now propagated to all Socket Adapter sub
# end\InputFilter - Allows passing ValidatorChain and FilterChain instances to the
# end\Log - Fixed xml formatter to not display empty extra info
# end\Loader - SplAutoloader was renamed to SplAutoloaderInte
# end\Mvc - params() helper now allows fetching full parameter containers if no arguments are provided to its various me
# end\Paginator - The DbSelect adapter no
# end\View - ViewModel now allows unsetting variables p
# ecurity - Fixed issues in Zend\Dom, Zend\Soap, Zend\Feed, and Zend\XmlRpc with regards to the way libxml2 allows xml entity expansion from DOCTYPE entities when it is provided. Around 50 pull requests for a variety of features and bugfixes were handled since RC3, as well as almost 30 documentation c