Latest Releases

If you are looking for the latest production versions of Zend Framework, either from the 1.X or 2.X series, they can be found in the latest release section.

We package several Zend Framework downloads for your convenience, and provided the latest versions on Zend's high-speed content distribution network (registration required). Please download content from the CDN where possible. With the greater bandwidth, you'll get your files sooner and we'll have more bandwidth for serving the ZF website on the Zend Framework servers.

All compressed archives are available in both zip (.zip) and tarball (.tar.gz) formats.

Download ZF2 documentation files

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Use Composer or Pyrus

Starting with Zend Framework 2, Zend Framework or any of its individual components may be installed via either Composer or Pyrus

Get the Skeleton Application

We provide a skeleton application for Zend Framework 2 to simplify the process of getting started. It provides the recommended directory structure, sample configuration files, and dependencies via either git submodules or Composer.

Get started with the skeleton application now!

Git (Zend Framework 2.X)

We develop Zend Framework 2 using Git, and host our repository on GitHub. If you are interested in a source distribution, please fork our repository on GitHub.

Subversion (Zend Framework 1.X)

If you would like to check out Zend Framework 1.X from our Subversion repository, please refer to our Subversion Standards for instructions.

Partner Downloads

The latest releases and archives of the following partner libraries are included in our downloads listings.

Google Data API Library (Zend Framework 1.X)
As a Zend Framework technology partner, Google provides PHP 5 client libraries for accessing many of its popular services, such as YouTube, Picasa, and Blogger, through its Google Data APIs.
Microsoft InfoCard Library (Zend Framework 1.X)
Microsoft has partnered with Zend Technologies to bring support for Windows Cardspace and other InfoCard technologies to PHP 5 applications.
Adobe AMF Library (Zend Framework 1.X)
Adobe has contributed support for Action Message Format (AMF0 and AMF3) to Zend Framework.


We've made every public release of Zend Framework, including the partner products, available for download.