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Zend Framework: Fundamentals Training

The Zend Framework: Fundamentals course is designed for experienced PHP programmers who want to learn to combine ZF concepts and structural elements to utilize the full power of this software development kit for PHP 5 applications. Learn more »

Zend Framework 2: Fundamentals Training (new!)

This course is built around hands-on exercises and projects that allow experienced PHP programmers to develop expertise in the architecture and concepts of Zend Framework 2. Learn more »

Zend Framework: Advanced Training

Upon completing the course, active PHP developers should be equipped to apply best practices when building and configuring applications for scalability, interactivity, and high performance. Learn more »

Test Prep: Zend Framework Certification Training

The Zend Framework Certification is an industry-wide standard that recognizes the attainment of a professional level of expertise in using Zend Framework . This certification is also a measure of distinction that employers use to evaluate prospective employees. The course prepares experienced developers who design and build PHP applications using ZF for the challenge of passing the certification exam and achieving the status of Zend Certified Engineer in Zend Framework(ZCE-ZF). Learn more »

Special Bundle Offer - Zend Framework from A-Zend

Master Zend Framework and stand out by becoming a Zend Framework Certified Engineer with our new bundle. The bundle includes the following courses, at a discounted price:

  • Zend Framework: Fundamentals
  • Zend Framework: Advanced Concepts
  • Test Prep: Zend Framework Certification Exam
  • Zend Framework Certification Voucher

Learn more »

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As a Zend Certified Engineer, you will join the ranks of the world's best and brightest Zend Framework engineers and architects. Zend Framework ZCE's have the advantage in today's competitive job market for PHP engineers. Whether you're looking for a new job or upgrading your responsibilities at your current job, Zend Framework Certification can help.

For more information on becoming a Zend Framework ZCE and other PHP certifications, please visit the Zend Certification Center.