Zend Framework is a lot more than code. It's a community.

Zend Framework has hundreds of contributors and our users number in the hundreds of thousands. We can't thank this vibrant community enough for their many contributions of code, tests, documentation, and support over the years.

Simply put: we haven't just built a framework together. We've built a community.

Contributor Guide

Learn how you can contribute effectively with the resources listed in our contributor guide.

User Groups

Want to learn more about Zend Framework? Want to help others learn? Look for a user group near you!


Many Zend Framework users are active bloggers, sharing tips and tricks. Get a taste of what's out there on our featured blogs page.


Zend Framework's contributors have provided guidance, code, documentation, tests, and support for other community members since the inception of the project. You'll get a glimpse of a few of our contributors in our contributor gallery.

Contribute and Use Modules

Have a great ZF2 module you want to share with the world? Looking to see if somebody else has already written a module that does what you're trying to do? Visit the ZF2 Modules Site!


Want to advertise the fact that you're building with Zend Framework? Or are you presenting on a Zend Framework-related topic somewhere? Our logos are licensed CC BY-NC and can be found in our logo gallery.