Contributor Guide (ZF v1)

Zend Framework version 1 will be supported through __ of ____. At which point it will be EOL. Version 1.12 is the last version in the 1.x series with new features. If it is a new feature you wish to contribute, the best place to take this is ZF2.

For ZF1, we are accepting bug fixes to existing components. Security fixes will be provided on both the 1.11 and 1.12 branch until EOL. If you have a fix for a ZF1 issue, please carefully read this document. It explains the procedures as it relates to the ZF1 process: using subversion, gaining access to the repository, and signing/sending in the Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

Note: while ZF2 is CLA free, ZF1 and its contribution process still require this. The license has not changed, and like ZF2 is the New BSD license.